As members of the  Black  Presbyterians United, a  caucus  of  the  National  Capital Presbytery of  the  Presbyterian  Church (U.S.A.)  we  find  ourselves  facing  in  the world today, and particularly Washington,D.C.  and  its  surrounding  communities, some  of  the  most  exasperating  problems and  exciting  opportunities  regarding  race and ethnicity  that  created  our  National Caucus in 1893,  as  well  as  the  changing demands  of  Christian  obedience  and urban  mission  in  the  21st  century. Therefore,  we  have  come  together  as individuals  and  congregations,  by  the grace  of  Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  for  the following purposes: To aggressively increase the membership of the Presbyterian congregations to which most of us belong or have considered joining; To give greater attention to the neighborhoods surrounding our church buildings; To increase a variety of services to our young people and to the un-churched youth of the geographic areas in which our several congregations are located; To openly enlist bi-racial and cross-cultural individuals and families regardless of sexual and gender orientation, to become members of our congregations; To seek greater opportunities for women clergy who, because of the double jeopardy of racial and gender prejudice, are being marginalized and denied self-supporting pastorates; To welcome the clergy of diverse races and ethnicities  who are currently being called or who may be called in the future to minister to us as interim or installed pastors; To continue the historic struggle for social justices against all forms of prejudice, racial separations; cultural subordination and political or economic oppression; To embrace all men, women and children of whatever racial or ethnic descent who are willing to walk and work with us as we seek to follow Jesus through the highways and byways of this city and suburbs.

 We begin  this  new  mission  celebrating  the multicultural unity  of  all  people  regardless  of  race, ethnicity, gender,  religion,  socio-economic  class  or sexual  orientation.    We  believe  in  the  Triune  God  of Reformed Christianity and specifically in the faith and order of the Presbyterian Church (USA).   At the same time we  affirm  the  essential  dignity  and  worth  of  all Christian  churches  and  systems  of  theology  that respect  each  other’s  histories  and  struggles  to  be liberated from  every  earthly  power  that  would disrespect, deny or oppress our common humanity.





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